Monday, April 7, 2014

How Many?

How many times have you put off that picture with your kids because you're having a bad hair day?
How many times have you said, I'll play that game with you tomorrow...I've got to finish this first?
How many ways have you stopped to savor beauty today?
How many opportunities might you have missed by staring into your phone?
How will you find the time to listen to that kid who wants to share his/her "off-topic" story?

I share these questions not from atop a soapbox, but as a reminder, not just to you, but to me. In this world where we seem to often value being busy and productive over present and peaceful, I stop today to remind myself: we only have one life, and it's up to us to grab the joys that live in ordinary moments.


I took a selfie of my grandson and me. No makeup, no brushed hair. Just us, capturing the joyful moment of being outside on a spring day. I wish I had been less vain as my kids were growing up, and not waited for those times I didn't feel "too fat" or "not ready" for the camera.

Today, tomorrow.. and each day I possibly can! 
 I will find a few moments to enjoy the beauty around me, like I did last week when visiting my daughter in NC.

What can you do to savor more of those moments that seem ordinary but can be filled with meaning and joy?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

In her Honor..A Tribute to my Mom

My mom, in 1953

It's been 15 years since we lost our mom. I say, "we," because she left behind 5 kids, many grandchildren already born and a couple yet to be born, and missed the opportunity to meet her great grandchildren. She was way too young, 63, to be exact. We simply weren't prepared to lose the grandma to our kids and the woman who held our family together.

My relationship with my mom had its ups and downs for wasn't perfect by any means, perhaps because in so many ways we were more alike than I wanted to admit. In fact, I see more of her in me each day I grow older, and I've grown to embrace the strength and stubborn streak I got from her.

What I will always be thankful for is that my mom was very close to my kids. Nick and Stef loved being over at my parents' house, swimming, playing, hanging out while I was at work. My mom seemed happiest of all as a grandma, as if she had waited her whole life to spoil her grandkids. Now that I am a grandma, I understand her even better.

My mom taught me the importance and joy of giving. There were no ordinary gifts given by my mom. She knew the exact gift each of us needed or wanted and would not settle for anything less. Gift giving remains one of my greatest challenges as I always have to think up something original, thoughtful, special to carry on her legacy.
My mom was a very sensitive woman, though it was hidden beneath her sharp sarcastic tongue, which I naturally possess as well.  She gifted all of us with creative inclinations: to sew, paint, craft, sing, make music, write.. and shared with all of us her love of reading. 
On this day, April 6, 2014, I gratefully savor the memories and gift of the time I had with her. I love you Mom. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

365 Mindful Moments: Hurt Heart...

This post resurfaced on Twitter tonight and reminded me of an important story of a very special student and an administrator who was not supportive of her needs.

This post still hurts.. 4 years later..

365 Mindful Moments: Hurt Heart...