Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank you to the Moms who...

In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to say thank you to the moms:

1) who send their children to school rested, fed and ready for the day ( most days!)
2) who encourage their children to try their best and not be afraid to make mistakes
3) who trust me and believe wholeheartedly that teachers and parents are important teammates
4) who understand that although I would love to give each and every child 1:1 attention, all 6 hours of the school day, I am only human.
5) who take the time to nurture their children; talk with them, read to them, laugh, cry, and just "be" with them.
6) who understand that I am a human being who does her best to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for all students in my class.
7) who keep in touch after Kindergarten to share their child's successes, stories, dreams.
8) who contribute Kleenex to our classroom so that the little germ spreaders don't wipe their noses and hands on their shirts.. or worse, on mine!
9) who believe in the importance of modeling a love of life-long learning.
10) who set consistent guidelines and boundaries so that their children understand that rules and expectations are followed at home and at school.

I have met some incredible moms in my teaching career. I thank them for their support, openness and inspiration. Happy Mothers Day to all!

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Ana Buckmaster said...

What a great post! All teachers could agree with that list, and probably add to it! Very insightful. =)