Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is Why I Teach

This letter arrived yesterday, from a boy I taught in Kindergarten(2004/05 school year) during my two years of teaching at Shackelford Elementary. ( If you click the picture above you can read the entire letter!)  My friend Jen, who still teaches there, mailed it to me  (Thanks Jen!)  after Miguel made a point to visit her classroom to give her the letter. 
This letter made my day, as any contact from former students usually does.  The class that I taught that year was my first year in Kindergarten, filled with many little ones completely unprepared for school, and lots of kids like Miguel who would say almost all day long, "I just want to play with the toys!" I can still hear his high-pitched voice ringing in my mind.  Miguel was, and is an adorable kid with deep dark eyes and hair he loves to slick or spike up.
I think I like the part where he asks me to come to visit Shackelford, which I hope to do during my spring break. Or maybe my favorite  is the part where he says that I am the best teacher in the universe. Looking more closely, I think both the last line: So I guess this is the end of my lovely letter and the P.S. I will always remember you are at the top of my favorites.
When was the last time a former student contacted you? What did he/she say? It inspires me to hear about lasting impact and  connections between teachers and students, so please share your stories here!


Reading Countess said...

What a beautiful testimony to your teaching and your lasting imprint on this little learner. I received an e-mail from 2 former students a few weeks ago asking me to join their blog that they had going on The Warriors series (and asking me if I knew Erin Hunter was coming to town soon). Things like these we must hold close to us as they remind us of our important role in the lives of these youngsters. Well done!

Joan Young (aka Mancini) said...

Thank you for sharing. That's such a wonderful testament to you as well that your former students wanted you to join their blog! Yes, I think it's so important that we share these stories so that we don't get bogged down by all of the pressure of the system. Thank you and "well done" to you!