Monday, July 26, 2010

So You've Got a Great Idea? Want to Get it Published?

I've been thinking lately about the process of getting my book published and wondering if it might be helpful to share that journey with those I connect with around the world. My rationale and motive: to inspire and encourage others to pursue their writing dreams!

I was about to write a post or do a podcast, my new favorite way of communicating, but then realized that I might not talk about what people really want to know. So, then, of course, my tangential mind thought of Voicethread as a way to collect your questions!

Here's how to ask away: either click the voicethread and post a comment there with voice or type, or leave your question here in the comments section. I will read all of the questions and do my best to address them when I record an upcoming podcast.

I look forward to sharing with you. Also, if you are a published author, please chime in and share your experiences! Thanks for visiting!


Pernille Ripp said...

Hi Joan, I am just wondering how you came up with enough ideas to write a book? Was this a short process or a long one?

Morgan said...

I am really glad you are taking questions on this topic. I was just talking to a friend today on how to find someone who might mentor or help find a publisher/give ideas/ share their knowledge on this very topic!

I have a LOT of questions on this topic.

First, I'd like to know, if you have an idea, and you start to write the book, what format should you be writing in? If you are using Microsoft Word, should you add pictures, bold face words, italics, use a specific font?

Second, how do you find a publisher? Do you sell the idea first or have a completed product to show someone? How do you even begin to contact someone? (Especially when you live in a suburb of Cleveland!)

Third, I've been given advice to start by "self-publishing." To me, this doesn't seem like a great idea. Advice?

Lastly, advice on how to work on, promote, contact a publisher, etc. during the school year???

THANK YOU! Looking forward to your post/podcast.