Sunday, December 12, 2010

Connecting Across the Globe with Song - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I wish I could start by sharing the video of  beaming faces and beautiful voices of the students who sang to us and were our audience via Skype on Thursday.  The energy and pride of these 5th graders, who took the stage, singing to us in English, and ending with a beautiful song in Spanish, was quite powerful. Unfortunately, because of privacy rules, words will have to describe the exciting 20 minute call between my 4th grade class and Greta's 5th grade students in Argentina on their last day of school before summer vacation. I am positive that the students depict the scene way better than I could, so here is a post from  Alex, who went home and blogged even though school was over.
It was priceless to be the first class that these students had ever Skyped with in the U.S. I hope that my students found the experience to be equally memorable. 
Thank you Greta and your fantastic students for sharing such a special time with us!

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gret said...

I loved this post Joan! Skyping with your class was one of the most amazing experiences in my teaching career. Your students are so wonderful. We were truly touched by the "Feliz Navidad" sign.
I wish we could share the video too. At least we can blog about it and share this experience with everyone!
Thanks again! We loved sharing our last day of school with you and your wonderful students