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My Interview with a Hero: Author Lynda Mullaly Hunt Talks about One for the Murphy's

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(note: this post was cross-posted on The Nerdy Book Club Blog but contains a few variations, namely the interview posted in segments) 

You may know that I have a variety of interests related to my work with children and families. One of my passions is celebrating the strength and resilience of those who overcome difficult situations. It's no surprise, then, that I fell in love with the book One for the Murphys and the character of Carley. I had the chance of a lifetime when Lynda Mullaly Hunt agreed to talk with me on Skype last week! 

Here's my story:

It's not every day you read a book that reaches inside, grabs your heart, and takes it on a journey through laughter, tears, and hopeful moments of reflection. One for the Murphy's inspired me to think back on my time as a foster care social worker and classroom teacher and consider the incredible strengths and resilience of children I've met, and the families who became "their heroes." Carley's honest voice also touched the child inside of me who had a difficult time fitting in, validating my own trials and tribulations of growing up.
After I finished One for the Murphy's, I tweeted to Lynda Mullaly Hunt, expressing my gratitude for this marvelous book. She kindly replied to my expression of being "authorstruck!"

After more conversation with Lynda on Twitter, and recalling a prior unrelated request from Colby Sharp to guest post on the Nerdy Book Club Blog, I had a brainstorm: What if I asked Lynda to do an interview on Skype? I mustered up my nerve and sent her a DM (direct message) on Twitter. In the blink of an eye it seemed, she responded, yes! 
Since friends recommended that I split up the interview into segments, something I didn't realize was easy to do with Tubechop , I reposted here with the interview broken up into topics for easier viewing.
Introduction: Meeting Lynda!

How Carley called to Linda as a 12 year old girl.

What Linda thinks of foster parents.

Getting Personal: Lynda's own experience of strength and resilience that added so much to her authentic voice 

Fictional characters who inspired Lynda as a kid  

Carley's counting and coping techniques 

  Lynda the lyricist and the power of music  

How will Carley cope? 

Getting to know Toni, loving the Red Sox, and fitting in


Will we hear from Carley again? 

Lynda's message to Carley

As you can tell from the smile pasted on my face during the interview, I had an incredible time talking with Lynda. She is truly a hero in her willingness to share such a powerful and hopeful story.

Thank you Lynda, for sharing your time, and for letting me delve into the heart and soul of your fabulous book.

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Lynda Mullaly Hunt said...

Hey, Joan! Thanks for posting this again. I can thank you for getting me into Skype, as this was the very first one I ever did. I look so serious! :-)

I enjoyed thinking about and answering your thought-provoking questions. I hope we can chat over a table some day instead of a screen. xo