Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love Wordle! It's a Great Creative Expression for Kids of all Ages!

  • You can have kids brainstorm all words related to a particular theme or academic subject. You can get started making your clouds from your blog page or any list of words your creative child's mind can imagine.
  • You can let kids write or dictate to you all of the things and people they appreciate too. It's a great gratitude collage!
  • You decide things like font, color, size, shape and you hit the button and Magic!! It's great fun to explore how you can enhance meaning through color and other artistic elements.
  • Your design is created and you can play around and change it, create an image of it to use as a poster or even a mug or t-shirt!
  • I love to play with words and images, so you can imagine what I will be showing my students and all my friends!

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