Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fan of Someone's Work? Reach Out and Say So!

This morning I lounged in bed with my coffee while finishing up the book, Play, by Stuart Brown, M.D. on the ipad. I enjoyed the book so much (even reading it actually for the second time) that I wanted to learn more about the non-profit foundation founded by Dr. Brown, The National Institute for Play. One link led to another and I decided to find out if Dr. Brown would be lecturing locally in the near future.

 I filled out a form on his website with this message:

I am wondering where I can find information about any public speaking engagements for Dr. Brown. I live in Santa Cruz, Ca and work in Menlo Park, CA so anywhere in N. California would be great.
I am a teacher and former therapist/social worker and write a blog :
My mission is to help others understand some of the simple changes and choices we can make to help kids thrive and flourish. I am a huge fan of the book Play and all of your work.

Please send me any appearance info that is available! I would love to hear Dr. Brown speak.

Thanks so much,

Joan Young

Needless to say, I was delighted to discover the following email in my inbox, not even a half hour later! 

Hi, Joan-thanks for your interest in hearing me speak. I am about to head for a Brain and Learning symposium in Michigan, followed by a DC presentation. My summer is thereafter focused on writing, with my next presentation in Monterey over the Labor Day Weekend. Kristen Cozad schedules my itinerary, and she is currently on vacation , but will be available after July 5. I enjoyed your blog, and wish you well.


Stuart Brown

Sometimes we, (or maybe that should be, I)  get intimidated by others' status or  think that they won't have any interest in us, regular people doing common, but very important work. I am excited when an "expert" in the field whose mission is so closely related to mine takes the time to respond to my questions.  I do hope to meet Dr. Brown and hear him speak in the near future; as you may notice, I have a few past posts here, highlighting my belief in the importance of play.

This is the mission of the National Institute for Play, which, I think, lies at the core of what can so powerfully improve education and society:

The National Institute for Play believes that as play is woven into the fabric of social practices, we will dramatically transform our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide our children and the capacity of our corporations to innovate.

And with that, I ask you: How do you utilize the gift of play to enhance your life and the lives of those you touch every day? Please share your thoughts!

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