Monday, December 28, 2015

The Wise Question of a 2 Year Old: "Hmm..what I like?"

“What I like” today?

His sweet little voice echoes in my head. Isaac, my 2 year old grandson, loves to yank open the refrigerator door, standing in its wake to gaze inside, proclaiming, “Hmm….what I like?”

I feel like him today and other rare days when I actually have free time, a priceless commodity in my perhaps too busy life.  It’s nearly 9 a.m. a few days post-Christmas and the second Monday of holiday break. Educators know the feeling: OMG break is half over! I must do something to enjoy my time AND get stuff done.

Perhaps I am too much the queen of “getting stuff done” and need to become the princess of “process” days. Maybe what I really need is to take a bit of time to evaluate Isaac’s big question: 

“Hmm….what I like?”

What if today, instead of the errands/chores I could keep myself busy with, I devoted a few hours to previously deemed “pointless” creative pursuits. What would they be?

Here are a few ideas spontaneously offering themselves as I write:

  •       Play around with some ribbons, elastic etc to make headbands for sweet Eva, my 3 month old   granddaughter. Crafting is always a time I get in flow. 
  •        Make New Year’s cards, since I didn’t get around to Christmas cards.
  •        Cook! Research some autoimmune diet recipes so that I have yummy nutritious food to take even better care of myself.
  •        Shop, for veggies and ingredients for those recipes.
  •        Shop some more! I love getting deals on pretty Christmas wrap and haven’t indulged in this discount shopping time in years.
  •        Read! Whatever I feel like reading is fair game. 
  •       Write down those ideas I’ve had for picture books. No pressure to start writing, but enjoying the freedom of brainstorming.
  • Move! Whether it's going to Zumba tonight, or going for a spontaneous run, I will be sure to get my body moving as I feel the rewards immensely when I do. 

Ah, yes, writing this has liberated the child in me who wants to play today. I am off the computer now to decide where I’d like to begin. Who joins me today in a morning of, “What I like?” What will you do if you give yourself a choice to create and/or play?


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